Study of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in mice

Aims and objectives

The overall aim of the project is to ‘map’ the spread of drug-resistant bacteria in the intestine. Current approaches to study the spread of resistance are limited and favoured towards detecting organisms that are easy to grow in the laboratory. We will develop a new DNA-based detection system to allow us to identify which organisms carry resistance regardless of whether we can grow them in vitro. We will use this system to study how drug-resistant bacteria spread in the intestine during treatment of the host with antibiotics.


Potential benefits

Generating a ‘map’ that describes which organisms are drug-resistant in the intestine will help us identify key reservoirs. This knowledge could allow us to apply more targeted interventions to reduce their populations. Within the context of a host, this could reduce the number of drug-resistant organisms released into the environment and reduce the risk that other members of the population could acquire the drug-resistant bacteria. This information will be of use to both human and animal populations.