Targeted tumour therapy: To assess the ability of anticancer agents, either alone or in combination with other anticancer agents, to treat or prevent tumour growth

Aims and objectives

1) To assess the growth of different tumour types (for example melanoma, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate and breast cancer) within a mouse/rat model.

2) To assess the use of anti-cancer agents, alone or in combination to kill tumour cells.

3) To investigate the mechanisms and cell death pathways induced by anticancer agents, and their ability to prime the immune system against the tumour cells.

Potential benefits

Current cancer therapies target all the cells in the body including normal healthy cells. By creating novel agents that target only tumour cells this should reduce unwanted side effects experienced by patients.

To develop and investigate the anti-tumour potential of new agents, as well as new unique combinations to provide more effective cancer therapies. Use of Oncolytic viruses to create a cancer vaccine which will target the primary tumours and train the immune system to recognise tumour metastases which have spread to other parts of the body. The findings of this research will be made available to other scientists and clinicians via Publications and presentations at national and international meetings thus advancing the knowledge of this area of research.