Sustainable cities, communities and economies

The world will need to be able to support a population of nearly ten billion by 2050, with over 60 per cent of people living in cities or urban areas.

In order to sustain this growth, cities have to become more energy and resource efficient, communities more interactive, economies able to respond to global economic pressures more effectively and security of food and water supply becomes imperative.

At Surrey, our multidisciplinary approaches are addressing these challenges through a broad range of activities in our priority research areas. These include:

  • Sustainable tourism and enterprise
  • 'Water-related activities', such as water quality and health, sustainable water, wastewater and desalination treatment processes
  • The sustainability and resilience of environments
  • Earth observation and understanding climate change impacts
  • Nuclear science
  • Innovations in health
  • Disease mechanisms and management
  • Made-to-measure materials

Ultimately, the socio-political agenda needed to deliver this grand challenge will rely on appropriate leadership and this area is being developed more fully through our research priority in leadership and decision making.

Research in faculties

Discover more detail about the research happening in our faculties: