Research Winners Announced: University of Surrey/FAPESP Joint Call

In November 2010, the São Paulo Research Foundation (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo - FAPESP) and the University of Surrey launched a joint call aimed at stimulating knowledge exchange and collaborative working between researchers in Brazil and the UK.

Winners 2013/14

Worldsheet Approach to String and Field Theory

Prof Konstadinos Sfetsos (FEPS, University of Surrey)

Prof Victor Rivelles (University of São Paulo)

Winners 2011/12

Project TitleInvestigators
Effects and neurobiological mechanisms of environmental manipulations on ethanol and nicotine induced behavioural effects: involvement of the stress circuitry.Alexis Bailey (FHMS, University of Surrey)
Rosana Camarini (University of São Paulo)
A comparison of living conditions and health status of older people aged 80 and over and the roles and relationships with the family (UK and Brazilian perspectives).Khim Horton (FHMS, University of Surrey)
Yeda Aparecida de Oliveira Duarte  (University of São Paulo)

Winners 2010

Project TitleInvestigators
The involvement of nurses in end-of-life decision making: a cross-cultural explorationDr Ann Gallagher (FHMS)
Between subjects’ real time fMRI interaction: a platform to study interpersonal feedback loop during motor learningDr Adam McNamara (FAHS)
Work schedules, light exposure and their effects on biological rhythms of workers in an Amazon Extractive ReserveProf Debra Skene (FHMS)

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