Our new research strategy was launched in late 2015. It provides an ambitious pathway that ensures the University has a coherent approach to its research strengths.

Read our research strategy

Download the University of Surrey research strategy 2015-2022 (opens in PDF).

Our Grand Challenges

Central to the strategy are three Grand Challenges, a range of faculty-level research priority areas and a range of cross-cutting research themes.

These themes will bring together several of the priority areas and intersect with the priority funding areas of the major research funding agencies in the UK and internationally.

Delivering the research strategy

The research strategy is delivered through a series of work streams, all of which have priority actions.

Our research work streams

  1. Develop and deliver thematic research priorities
  2. Recruit and retain world-class academics and postgraduate researchers
  3. Develop world-leading outputs
  4. Deliver more systematic proposal submission
  5. Create impact
  6. Improve our research culture and infrastructure