Types of research degrees

Find out about the types of research degrees we offer at the University of Surrey. Whether you are considering starting a doctoral programme to further or deepen your knowledge, change direction or start an academic career, you should start your research early.

Available doctoral programmes


A Doctor of Philosophy is an advanced postgraduate degree involving independent research on an original topic. It usually lasts three years when studying full time and six years for part-time study.


The Engineering Doctorate is an alternative to the more traditional PhD and is a good choice if you're more focused on industry. It normally lasts four-and-a-half years and joins PhD-level research projects with technical courses. The EngD allows you to spend approximately 75 per cent of your time working directly with a company.


Psych-doctorate programmes are practitioner doctorates that will equip you with exceptional clinical and research skills. Graduates from the Clinical Psychology programme are in high demand in health and social care sectors.


A Doctor of Medicine is a higher degree specifically in medicine, which involves both theory and clinical practice. You can study for an MD if you have already completed your first medical degree MBBS (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Surgery). It usually lasts two-and-a-half to three years full time.


A Master of Philosophy is a postgraduate research masters, which you usually study full time over two years. Unlike most other masters qualifications, the MPhil is a pure research degree, consisting entirely of your own independent project. An MPhil can be a step towards PhD registration, or you can study it as a stand-alone qualification.

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