Professor Alan Brown

Research Interests

  • Global enterprise software delivery
  • Agile software supply chains
  • "Open commercial" software delivery models.

Research Collaborations

  • Member of University of Cambridge’s Open Platforms and Innovation Group


  • MBA, Entrepreneur module; Innovation and Design Thinking module


  • Fellow of the British Computer Society

Media references

Toward the Agile Organization: Accelerating Innovation in Software Delivery by Professor Alan Brown is discussed on Disciplined Agile Delivery: The Foundation for Scaling Agile by Scott W. Ambler, Guest Editor, Cutter IT Journal.

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 2126

Find me on campus
Room: 62 MS 03

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My office hours

Please email for appointments.


Journal articles

  • Brown AW, Fishenden J, Thompson M, Venters W. (2017) 'Appraising the impact and role of platform models and Government as a Platform (GaaP) in UK Government public service reform: towards a Platform Assessment Framework (PAF)'. Elsevier Government Information Quarterly, 34 (2), pp. 167-182.


    The concept of “Government as a Platform” (GaaP) (O’Reilly 2009) is coined frequently, but interpreted inconsistently: views of GaaP as being solely about technology and the building of technical components ignore GaaP’s radical and disruptive embrace of a new economic and organisational model with the potential to improve the way Government operates – helping resolve the binary political debate about centralised versus localised models of public service delivery. We offer a structured approach to the application of the platforms that underpin GaaP, encompassing not only their technical architecture, but also the other essential aspects of market dynamics and organisational form. Based on a review of information systems platforms literature, we develop a Platform Appraisal Framework (PAF) incorporating the various dimensions that characterise business models based on digital platforms. We propose this PAF as a general contribution to the strategy and audit of platform initiatives and more specifically as an assessment framework to provide consistency of thinking in GaaP initiatives. We demonstrate the utility of our PAF by applying it to UK Government platform initiatives over two distinct periods, 1999-2010 and 2010 to the present day, drawing practical conclusions concerning implementation of platforms within the unique and complex environment of the public sector.

  • Maull RS, Godsiff P, Mulligan C, Brown AW, Kewell EJ. (2017) 'Distributed Ledger Technology: Applications and Implications'. Wiley Strategic Change, (Specia)
    [ Status: Accepted ]


    Examines the links between Distributed Ledgers and the business and economic models that are developing in parallel with the technology. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are rewriting conventional notions of business transacting, creating fresh opportunities for value creation and capture. Using qualitative interview data as a primary resource, the paper identifies a five-point model that synthesizes these possibilities, demonstrating how they may lead to ‘disruptive innovation.’ A conceptual model for identifying the limitations of DLTs is subsequently provided, with a view to assisting future problem-solving in the area.

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Conference papers

  • Brown AW, Ambler S, Royce W. (2013) 'Agile at Scale: Economic Governance, Measured Improvement, and Disciplined Delivery'. IEEE San Fransisco. USA: 35th International Conference on Software Engineering
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Book chapters

  • Brown AW. (2012) 'Experiences with Cloud Technology to Realize Software Testing Factories'. in Tilley S, Parveen T (eds.) Software Testing in the Cloud Information Science Reference Article number 1
  • Brown AW, Conallen J, Tropeano D. (2005) 'Practical Insights into MDA: Lessons from the Design and Use of an MDA Toolkit'. in Beydeda S, Book M, Gruhn V (eds.) Model-Driven Software Development Springer
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