Dr Arne Floh

Research Interests

• Relationship Marketing (including word-of-mouth, customer satisfaction, value, loyalty and profitability)
• Electronic Marketing & Social Media
• Marketing Science & Methodology (e.g. Meta-Analysis)


Research in Marketing (UG)

Marketing Research (PG) – Module Leader

Digital Marketing & Social Media (PG) - Module Leader

Programme Leader MSc Marketing Management


Chief Editor of the International Journal of Marketing (formerly dermarkt).

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 9185

Find me on campus
Room: 12 MS 03

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My office hours

Tuesday 1pm – 3pm, Wednesday 10am – 11am or by appointment


Journal articles

  • Hatak I, Floh A, Zauner A. (2015) 'Working on a dream: sustainable organisational change in SMEs using the example of the Austrian wine industry'. Springer Review of Managerial Science,
  • Floh A, Zauner, Alexander , Koller, Monika , Rusch, Thomas . (2014) 'Customer segmentation using unobserved heterogeneity in the perceived value - loyalty-intentions link'. Elsevier Journal of Business Research, 67 (5), pp. 974-982.


    Multiple facets of perceived value perceptions drive loyalty intentions. However, this value-loyalty link is not uniform for all customers. In fact, the present study identifies three different segments that are internally consistent and stable across different service industries, using two data sets: the wireless telecommunication industry (sample size 1,122) and the financial services industry (sample size 982). Comparing the results of a single-class solution with finite mixture results confirms the existence of unobserved customer segments. The three segments found are characterized as “rationalists”, “functionalists” and “value maximizers”. These results point the way for value-based segmentation in loyalty initiatives and reflect the importance of a multidimensional conceptualization of perceived value, comprising cognitive and affective components. The present results substantiate the fact that assuming a homogeneous value-loyalty link provides a misleading view of the market. The paper derives implications for marketing research and practice in terms of segmentation, positioning, loyalty programs and strategic alliances.

  • Floh A, Madlberger, M . (2013) 'The Role of Atmospheric Cues in Online Impulse-Buying Behavior'. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,
  • Koller, Monika , Floh A, Alexander Zauner , Thomas Rusch . (2013) 'Persuasibility and the self – investigating heterogeneity among consumers'. Australasian Marketing Journal, 21 (2), pp. 94-104.
  • Floh A, Koller M, Zauner A. (2013) 'Taking a deeper look at online reviews: The asymmetric effect of valence intensity on shopping behaviour'. Journal of Marketing Management, 29 (5-6), pp. 646-670.
  • Zauner A, Koller M, Floh A. (2012) 'Customer Value in Produkt und Dienstleistungsbündeln: Eine qualitative Betrachtung'. Springer Dermarkt – International Journal of Marketing, 51 (2-3), pp. 75-84.
  • Koller M, Floh A, Zauner A. (2011) 'Further insights into perceived value and consumer loyalty: A "Green" perspective'. Psychology and Marketing, 28 (12), pp. 1154-1176.
  • Pinterits A, Treiblmaier H, Floh A. (2008) 'Success Factors of Internet Payment Systems'. International Journal on Electronic Business, 7 (2), pp. 1-14.
  • Floh A. (2008) 'A Framework for Measuring the Quality of Long-Term Relationships'. Springer Dermarkt – International Journal of Marketing, 47 (4), pp. 169-171.
  • Floh A, Madlberger M. (2007) 'Measuring the antecedents of impulsive buying behavior on the WWW'. Advances in Consumer Research, 34, pp. 403-404.
  • Floh A, Treiblmaier, Horst . (2006) 'What keeps the e-banking customer loyal? A multigroup analysis of the moderating role of consumer characteristics on e-loyalty in the financial service industry'. California State University Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 7 (2), pp. 97-110.


    At first sight the Internet is the ideal medium for carrying out banking activities due to its cost savings potential and speed of information transmission. From a technological and cost-driven standpoint it may seem quite logical for banks to shift as many banking activities online as possible. At the same time, the question of how to foster customer loyalty arises when the relationship between the bank and the user becomes a virtual one. This paper investigates the importance of antecedents of online loyalty such as trust, quality of the Web site, quality of the service and overall satisfaction. Rather than investigating which factors drive customers to use online banking instead of offline banking, this paper addresses the problem of how to keep customers online and loyal to a specific supplier. A survey among more than 2,000 customers of an Austrian online bank was conducted and a structural equation modeling approach was used to gain important insights into how customer retention in the online banking business can be ensured. Satisfaction and trust were identified as important antecedents of loyalty. Additionally, the moderating role of consumer characteristics (gender, age, involvement, perceived risk and technophobia) was supported by the data.

  • Treiblmaier H, Pinterits A, Floh A. (2006) 'The adoption of public e-payment services'. Journal of E-Government, 3 (2), pp. 33-51.

Conference papers

  • Zauner A, Koller M, Floh A. (2011) 'Being Connected'. St. Louis, USA: North American Association for Consumer Research Film Festival
  • Zauner A, Koller M, Floh A. (2011) 'Value and loyalty in wireless telecommunications – an experimental investigation of the halo between product and service'. Liverpool, UK: Academy of Marketing Conference
  • Zauner A, Floh A, Koller M. (2011) 'Perceived Value in Consumption-Systems Applied to the Automotive Industry'. Ljubljana, Slovenia: European Marketing Association (EMAC) Conference
  • Zauner A, Floh A, Koller M. (2011) 'The Consumption-System Wireless Telecommunications and the Perceived Value - Loyalty Intentions Link'. Coral Gables, USA: Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
  • Zauner A, Floh A, Koller M. (2011) 'Perceived Value in Consumption-Systems Applied to the Automotive Industry'. Ljubljana, Slovenia: European Marketing Association (EMAC) Conference
  • Koller M, Zauner A, Floh A. (2011) 'Investigating the Halo of Perceived Value in Consumption-Systems: Negative Experiences Loom Larger'. Atlanta, USA: Society of Consumer Psychology (SCP) Conference
  • Floh A, Zauner A, Koller M. (2010) 'Behavioral Post-consumption Intentions from a Higher-order Multidimensional Value Perspective'. Boston, USA: American Marketing Association (AMA) Educators’ Summer Conference
  • Floh A. (2010) 'Linking Customer Attitudinal and Behavioral Metrics to Financial Outcomes: A Latent Growth Mixture Model Approach'. Copenhagen, Denmark: European Marketing Association (EMAC) Conference
  • Floh A, Zauner A, Koller M. (2010) 'A Multidimensional Conceptualization of the Customer Value-Loyalty Chain from a Consumption-System Perspective'. Copenhagen, Denmark: European Marketing Association (EMAC) Conference
  • Bharadwaj S, Floh A. (2008) 'Linking Brand and Customer Attitudinal and Behavioral Metrics to Financial Outcomes: A Latent Growth Modeling Approach'. Vancouver, Canada: INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
  • Floh A, Sheth J. (2006) 'Examining the Role of Meta-Analysis in Marketing Science'. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing Educators' Winter Conference

Book chapters

  • Floh A. (2012) 'Social Media Marketing bei KMUs'. in Rössl D (ed.) Small Business Management aus austauschorientierter Perspektive Auflage Wien

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