Dr Rashpal Dhensa-Kahlon

Research Interests

  • Coping/recovery
  • Well-being
  • Organisational (in)justice
  • Humor
  • Positive scholarship
  • Assessment centre design

Research Collaborations

Prof. Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro - London School of Economics, UK

Prof. Debra Shapiro - University of Maryland, USA

Dr. Hayley German - University of Bradford, UK

Dr. Soydan Soylu - Middlesex University, UK

Dr. Mike Baer - Arizona State University, USA


MSc Psychological Assessment at Work (MANM360; Module Convenor)

MSc Organisational Behaviour (MANM024)

MBA (FT//PT) Organisational Behaviour

Departmental Duties

May 2014 - present: Department Convenor, Business and External Engagement


  • British Psychological Society, Fellow (BPS)
  • Committee member, BPS' Work and Health Working Party
  • European Association of Worl and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP)
  • Academy of Management (AoM)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Devleopment (CIPD)

Research Affiliations

I am a researcher within the University of Surrey's Quality of Working Life cluster

Business Engagement & Advisory (Selected)

2016: UK University - Design of Assessment Centre Case Methodology.

2013 - 2014: London Bus Company - Report on: Outputs of Research on Employee Engagement and Satisfaction.

2012: Energy Company - Competency Framework Development.

2012: NHS Primary Care Trust - Design of Talent Management System.

Contact Me


My office hoursAutumn term 2017: Monday 1-2pm; Wednesdays 10-11am.  Any changes to this are displayed outside my office (48MS03).


Journal articles

  • Baer M, Rodell J, Dhensa-Kahlon RK, Colquitt J, Zipay K, Burgess R, Outlaw R. (2017) 'Pacification or Aggravation? The Effects of Talking About Supervisor Unfairness'. Academy of Management Academy of Management Journal,


    Many employees feel a general sense of unfairness toward their supervisors. A common reaction to such unfairness is to talk about it with coworkers. The conventional wisdom is that this unfairness talk should be beneficial to the aggrieved employees. After all, talking provides employees with an opportunity to make sense of the experience and to “let off steam.” We challenge this perspective, drawing on cognitive-motivational-relational theory to develop arguments that unfairness talk leads to emotions that reduce the employee’s ability to move on from the unfairness. We first tested these proposals in a three-wave, two-source field study of bus drivers (Study 1), then replicated our findings in a laboratory study (Study 2). In both studies we found that unfairness talk was positively related to anger and negatively related to hope. Those emotions went on to have direct effects on forgiveness and indirect effects on citizenship behavior. Our results also showed that the detrimental effects of unfairness talk were neutralized when the listener offered suggestions that reframed the unfair situation. We discuss the implications of these results for managing unfairness in organizations.

  • Baer MD, Dhensa-Kahlon RK, Colquitt JA, Rodell JB, Outlaw R, Long DM. (2015) 'Uneasy Lies the Head that Bears the Trust: The Effects of Being Trusted on Emotional Exhaustion'. Academy of Management Academy of Management Journal, 58 (6), pp. 1637-1657.
  • Long DM, Baer MD, Colquitt JA, Outlaw CR, Dhensa-Kahlon RK. (2015) 'What will the boss think?: The impression management implications of supportive relationships with star and project peers'. Wiley Personnel Psychology, 68 (3), pp. 463-498.

Book chapters

  • Dhensa-Kahlon RK, Coyle-Shapiro JA. (2014) 'Anticipatory (in)justice in Organisations'. in Oreg S, Michel A, By RT (eds.) The Psychology of Organizational Change: Viewing Change from the Employee’s Perspective Cambridge University Press Article number 8 , pp. 173-194.
  • Coyle-Shapiro JA, Dhensa-Kahlon RK. (2011) 'Justice in the 21st Century Organization'. in Townsend K, Wilkinson A (eds.) Research Handbook on the Future of Work and Employment Relations Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Article number 19 , pp. 385-403.

Dhensa, R. (2011). It's Good to Talk: Examining the Effectiveness of Talking as a Victim- Centered Recovery from Organizational Injustice. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (San Diego, USA).

Baer, M., Rodell, J., Dhensa-Kahlon, R. K., Colquitt, J.A., Outlaw, R. (2015). The Effects of Talking About Supervisor Unfairness. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. In M. Lensges, S. Masterson, and J. Koopman (Chairs), Exploring Alternative Questions: Established vs. Emerging issues in Justice Research (Vancouver, Canada).

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