Professional Services

Name Role Phone Email
Carly Dyer School Administrator, PA to Professor Simon de Lusignan +44 (0)1483 688712/4802
Elise Frost-Bridges PA to Professor David Blackbourn (Head of School of Biosciences and Medicine), Professor Sue Lanham-New (Head of Department, Nutritional Sciences) +44 (0)1483 686920
Irune Iriondo School Administrator – School of Biosciences & Medicine; PA to Prof John McVey (Head of Department – Biochemical Sciences); PA to Prof Graham Stewart (Head of Department – Microbial Sciences); PA to Prof Johnjoe McFadden (Associate Dean for International Relations) +44 (0)1483 682516
Kim Wetton Leggett Building Receptionist (Thursday, Friday) +44 (0)1483 688500
Lisa Youlton Leggett Building Receptionist (Monday - Wednesday) +44 (0)1483 688500

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