Biochemistry BSc (Hons) or MSci (Hons) at Surrey

Biochemistry studies the fundamental processes of life at a cellular level. From simple existence to the coordination of billions of living cells, this lab-based science explores fascinating subjects such as metabolism, genetics, neuroscience and pharmacology to help us better understand and solve biological problems.

Biochemists play a crucial role in the development of new treatments for diseases such as cancer, studying the chemical and physical principles of living things and biological processes.

Our BSc and MSci Biochemistry courses will provide you with extensive practical skills in an internationally-renowned, research-oriented environment, preparing you to work at the forefront of developments in this exciting field.

To discover more about what you can learn on our biosciences courses here at Surrey, take a look at the following videos where we explore a range of topics where biochemistry plays an important role.

Biochemistry and vaccines

Ever wondered why we feel ill after receiving a flu jab? What causes our bodies to fight off viruses and illnesses?  And do we all respond to vaccinations in the same way? Dr Ian BaileyDr Sarah Trinder and Dr Natalie Riddell discuss the science behind vaccines and the immune system.


Discover biochemistry at Surrey

Our biochemistry course covers a wide variety of subjects including: toxicology, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology and molecular biology.

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