English literature and creative writing

We offer the opportunity to undertake a Professional Training placement. A placement will help to enhance your employability by gaining experience in degree-related professions such as publishing, the media industries, teaching or arts administration.

The development of professional skills and experience is a key element in the design of our programmes and studying English literature at Surrey will enable you to develop your interests and critical understanding of literature and your career prospects. Study placements are also available in some of the best European English departments. You will be taught in English throughout and have the chance to experience a new culture in language.

Great care is taken to prepare you for your placement; throughout your second year there are regular preparation sessions including applications, interviews and professional development. Once in placement, you are not left alone. Your placement tutors will be there for you if you need help or advice. They will also come and visit you on your placements to discuss your progress, your concerns, your achievements, and to advise you on how to best prepare for your final year at university.

Upon successful completion of your placement, you will not only have improved your communication skills and found out more about how to apply a degree in English literature and creative writing in the world of work, you will have gained more life experience, more independence and self-confidence, more focus in your studies and career planning, and you will have acquired the life skills employers expect and value.

Every year we offer a range of placements but we also encourage and support you to apply to placements that you are interested in. Placement opportunities are advertised in Semester 2 and we work in coordination with Careers Services. We cannot guarantee that you will secure a placement in highly competitive industries (such as journalism) but we will support you to explore other opportunities which will utilise a similar skill-set (for example, copy-writing and editing).

Students have undertaken a range of placements from working in libraries, to PR, advertising, teaching and museums. We have placed students in a range of environments from small charities and theatres to large multi-nationals.

Students have had excellent experiences on placement. Feedback from students includes:

‘I have so many wonderful memories of my placement year which will stay with me’ Natalie Millard

‘The experience of a placement year was definitely worthwhile as it will give me an upper hand on other graduates’ Steph Davies

‘I would recommend a placement year to any second year student’ Yasna Mostofi

‘I enjoyed it so much, and it’s changed my outlook on the work’ Dawn Harman

‘It’s one of the best decisions I could have made’ Chloe Walton

No, the choice to undertake a work or study placement is entirely up to the student.

Full-time work placements range from 30 weeks (for unpaid work placements) to 46 weeks for paid placements.  

No. Although to be awarded the degree you must have obtained 480 credits - 120 of which are from successful completion of the placement year.

There are a range of paid and unpaid placements. We cannot guarantee you will be paid but even in unpaid placement some expenses are often offered. We will help to negotiate on your behalf.

Study Placements are not paid, but students studying under the Erasmus scheme do not have to pay tuition fees.

In addition to this most students are eligible for the Erasmus grant to help them with funding, and if you are working or studying for a full year under the Erasmus scheme do not have to pay tuition fees during the placement year.

Yes. This option is usually subject to approval by the Senior Tutor for Professional Training. Please discuss this option as early as possible.

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