English literature and creative writing work and study placements

Students in English literature and creative writing can undertake a range of work or study placements.

To date we have had students working in Seven Stories in Newcastle, a national centre for Children’s Literature, the Blue Elephant Theatre in London which specialises in community based theatre and The Drum, an arts centre aimed serving local BME communities in Birmingham. We also offer placement beyond the arts. Students have undertaken placements in Human Resources, Marketing, Entertainment Public Relations and even head-hunting. Our most popular placements are in teaching English and we have worked with a range of schools across the country.

Samples of work placements

Working in Public Relations with Global Tolerance (London)

This placement included expenses and involved a range of activities from copy-writing to researching, editing and assisting the director of US operations. This student was able to work in a range of capacities and by the end of her experience was an invaluable member of the team, including being invited to work on a paper for UNESCO.

Teaching English with the British Council in Spain

In this paid placement a student was able to spend time in Spain and gain valuable teaching experience while improving her own language skills. She was visited by a member of staff to ensure she was settling in well and to help her reflect on her professional development. This proved to be a life-changing experience and the student is applying for the same scheme upon graduation.

Working in digital recruitment with Bearing Partnership (London)

This paid placement was in a fast-paced environment that involved gathering media information on a daily basis and presenting to the board. Writing twitter updates and blogs was an integral part of the job and by the end of the experience the student had been successful in managing small projects. This student was so valued he was offered a graduate job at the end of his placement!

Samples of study placement

University of Heidelberg (Germany)

This 14th century university is highly prestigious and set in a beautiful landscape. See the following link for more information:

Aarhus University (Denmark)

Denmark’s oldest university is an elite international university set in an outstanding location. See the following link for more information:

For more information on placements, please look out for the emails on inductions and the Professional Training Preparation Programme!

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