Research groups

Each of our research groups contribute to research seminars, organise symposia, workshops, and conferences, encourage research collaborations with external academic and non-academic organisations and explore public engagement opportunities.

Mobilities in Literature and Culture

We examine pressing social and cultural issues as explored in works of literature across the literary periods, such as social and cultural networks, cities and urban culture, subversive space and the imagination of alternative spaces, disconnections and connections, embodiment and the practice and politics of movement, post-humanism, transnationalism and its limitations.

Members: Dr Dimitris Asimakoulas, Dr Constance Bantman, Dr Catherine Barbour, Dr Lucy Bell, Dr Doris Dippold, Dr Anesa Hosein, Dr Shazia Jagot, Dr Rosina Marquez Reiter, Dr Charlotte Mathieson, Dr Donna McCormack, Dr Amy Morgan, Prof Bran Nicol, Prof Patricia Pulham, Dr Carl Thompson, Prof Diane Watt.

New Approaches to Medieval Literatures

We are developing and applying new theoretical and methodological approaches to researching medieval literature, with specific foci on feminism, queer theory, postcolonialism and the global. We are working on innovative ways of understanding texts produced in the period c.600-c.1500. Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, multilingualism, and spaciality and temporality are key topics addressed by the group.

Members: Dr Leona Archer, Dr Shazia Jagot, Teresa Pilgrim, Dr Amy MorganProf Diane Watt.

Potential Literatures (LitPo)

We are examining the development of new literary forms in contemporary fiction and poetry, and also examine the history of innovative formal production in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from a literary-historical and literary-theoretical perspective. Our work is organised around the idea of literary potential:

  • What are potential new forms of literature?
  • What is the potential, power, of literary form to shape, comment on, and contest, pressing social, cultural and political issues?

We combine work of both theorists and practitioners of literature.

Members: Prof Bran Nicol, Dr Paul Vlitos, Dr Stephen Mooney, Dr Helen Hughes, Angela Szczepaniac, Dr Holly Luhning, Alan Kilner-Johnson.

Shakespeare and Performance

We are comprised of experts in English literature and GSA and are examining ‘Shakespeare in action’, i.e. Shakespeare works, cultural milieu, and reception, from the perspective of literary history, literary theory, and the theory and practice of performance.

MembersJaq Bessell (GSA); Anne-Sophie Refskou (GSA); Dr Neema Parvini (co-ordinator); Darren Tunstall (GSA); Matt Wagner (GSA); Prof Marion Wynne-Davies.


We centre on the writing of, and writings about, the long nineteenth century. We are a collection of researchers in the School of Literature and Languages and curators at Watts Gallery whose research focuses on nineteenth-century literature and culture, Victorian partnerships, theatre and Sensation Fiction, Victorian celebrity, visual cultures, Decadence and Neo-Victorianism.

Members: Prof Patricia Pulham, Dr Beth Palmer, Lucy Ella Rose, Dr Charlotte Mathieson.

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