Women’s Writing Research Group

The Women’s Writing Research Group was established to encourage the study of women’s writing and women’s engagement in literary culture from the medieval and early modern periods, through the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to the present day.

The group focuses on the traditions in English, and explores a variety of forms and genres.  All research undertaken by the group is underpinned by a commitment to feminist theory and practice, but it also draws on variety of other theoretical approaches, including queer theory, cultural materialism, postcolonial theory, and environmental theory. The group is also interested in creative practice and women’s writing.

Particular specialisms include:

  • The history of women’s writing
  • Women and poetry
  • Women and editing
  • Women and the theatre
  • Post-colonial women’s writing
  • The body and sexuality.

The Women’s Writing Research Group supports individual work in specific fields and also provides a rich environment of research collaboration, graduate study, cross-disciplinary and cross-period dialogue, and international collaboration with scholars working in the fields of postcolonial, feminist, gender, environmental and cultural studies within the arts, humanities and social sciences. Research activities include the sponsoring of lectures, workshops, colloquia and conferences, as well as participation in the English literature ‘cultures in contact’ research seminar series.

The Women’s Writing Research Group also benefits from its close relationship with English PEN, a collaboration which includes staff, and postgraduate and undergraduate students. Sponsored events include the inaugural Surrey PEN lecture by best-selling author and English PEN trustee, Monica Ali, in 2011. In 2012-13, Professor Marion Wynne Davies was awarded a Harry Ransom Centre Research Fellowship for a research project on the History of PEN. The Women’s Writing Research Group also contributes to the poetry and creative writing events run by the School, including the Surrey New Writers Festival.

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