Secure Systems Research Group

The Group's main research activities are based around the different aspects of how to make computer systems securer, while keeping other desired features such as usability.

Research topics

Our research is directed into a range of research topics in cryptography and network security.


Verification of security and privacy in modern communication protocols

Funding information:
A stipend of £16,000 per annum, tax-free, subject to nationality and residence status. Fees are covered for UK/EU students. Additional fees for international applicants are not covered, but top up funding may be obtained by applying to Surrey University for the Overseas Research Student Awards Scheme studentships (ORS).

Intelligent transport systems

Funding information:
This is a three year studentship, covering UK/EU University fees only, with a stipend/living allowance of £16,000 per annum. UK/EU university fees are also covered by the studentship. 

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Secure Systems Research Group
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