Secure Systems Research Group

The Group's main research activities are based around the different aspects of how to make computer systems securer, while keeping other desired features such as usability.

Research topics

Our research is directed into a range of research topics in cryptography and network security.


Multi-factor authentication

Funding information:
You will receive a tax-free stipend of approximately £22,000 per year (for 3.5 years). Additional funding is available to support presentation of research results at international conferences, participation in PhD summer schools, other scientific events, and engagement with industry.

Applied cryptography

Funding information:
The Studentship consists of a fee waiver and a stipend of £16,000 per annum, and is available to students of UK/EU residency. PhD student positions are limited to three years. 

Intelligent transport systems

Funding information:
This is a 3 year Studentship, covering UK/EU University fees only, with a Stipend/living allowance of £16,000 per annum. UK/EU university fees are also covered by the studentship. 

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Secure Systems Research Group
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