Shanghai Graduation Celebration Ceremony

Many thanks for your interest in the Shanghai Graduation Celebration Ceremony. The following common questions should answer any queries you might have about the event:

What is included in my graduate ticket?

  • Your graduation gown and hat (which is yours to keep after the event).
  • Entrance to the Gala Dinner with cocktails, large buffet menu, live music and entertainment  
  • £5 donation to our Forever Surrey Fund which supports current Surrey students in unexpected hardship and helps our clubs and societies to thrive.

What is included with guest tickets and how many can I buy?

  • You may purchase up to four adult guest tickets. 
  • Tickets include access to the graduation ceremony and the gala dinner
  • If you require more than four guest tickets please email us at

Can I bring children, and do they need a ticket? 

  • Yes you can bring children. Children require a separate seat and tickets can be booked free of charge by emailing
  • The event is not very suitable for children under 10 due to the length of the ceremony.  

How do I book my place at the graduation?

There are three simple steps to register for this ceremony.

Before you start, please:

  • Measure your height and the circumference of your head (2.5 centimetres above your eyebrows) to choose a gown and hat size .
  • Make a note of your booking reference number which will be on your invitation email.

Step 1

Complete our simple ticket reservation form at  

Step 2

The Events team will get in touch with you to ask you about your measurements for your graduation gown and hat.
We will also send you a link to make payment for your graduation tickets. We can accept China Pay, UnionPay, or a bank transfer.
If you receive a payment confirmation asking for scans of identification, please ignore. This is not needed for graduation events.

Step 3

Once we have received your payment (please allow five days for processing) you will be fully booked to attend the graduation ceremony and gala dinner. We will invite you into a special WeChat group for registered guests where you can ask any questions and find out about the plans for the event. 

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, ticket refunds cannot be made once purchased.

How will I receive my tickets?

  • You will receive a booking confirmation by email when your payment has been processed (please allow five days from your payment date).
  •  Please bring your booking confirmation email with you to the graduation celebration ceremony to collect your tickets and gown.

I have already attended a UK graduation ceremony, can I still take part?

  • Yes.  This event is for graduates from undergraduate and postgraduate courses and all years of graduation.

Will I receive any more information before the event?

  • Before the event, you will receive an email containing full information about the ceremony including timings.
  • A specific WeChat group has been set up to keep you updated - search for 'Shanghai Graduation 2019'

What should I wear on the day?

  • Dress code is smart business dress. Men: shirt and smart trousers. Women: blouse and skirt/trousers or a smart dress.
  • You will receive your gown and hat when you register and this will be yours to keep after the event.

Measuring for your graduation hat

To give the size for your mortarboard hat, please use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head, one inch (25mm) above your eyebrows.

Will I receive a certificate?

  • You will receive a special commemorative certificate at the ceremony. Please note this is not your actual Surrey degree certificate.

What will happen on the day?

  • Please arrive at 1400 hours to allow time to register, for gowning and taking photos
  • At registration you will receive your tickets, guest tickets, gown and seating card
  • Our staff will direct you to the stage when your time arrives. It is essential that you sit in the allocated seat to ensure that the correct order of names is read out
  • When you have received your certificate, please return to your seat
  • The ceremony is estimated to last 90 minutes
  • Before and after the ceremony there will be photography opportunities
  • A celebration reception will begin at 6.15pm where dinner will be served.

Will there be photography taken at the event?

  • Professional photography will be available to purchase on the day
  • No flash photography during the ceremony and guests are asked to remain in their seats.

Any other questions?

Contact the alumni events team by email, by phone on +44 (0) 7811 290537 or on WeChat – details to be added.



  • 您的学士服和学士帽(活动结束后归您保管)。
  • 晚宴庆祝招待会。
  • 向我们的萨里大学永远基金捐款5英镑,该基金旨在为当前处境困难的萨里大学学生以及我们俱乐部和社会的繁荣发展提供支持。


  • 您可以购买四张成人票。 门票包括毕业典礼和晚宴招待会。




  • 测量身高和头围(眉毛上方2.5厘米的位置)、选择学士服和学士帽的尺寸。
  • 请记好您的预订参考编号,在我们发送给您的电子邀请函里的可以看到。









  • 当您的付款处理完毕后(自付款之日起五天内),您将收到一封预订确认电子邮件。
  • 请携带您的预订确认邮件前往毕业典礼现场,领取您的门票和学士服。


  • 可以。


  • 活动开始前,您将收到一封电子邮件,其中包含毕业典礼的所有信息,包括时间表。
  • 我们建立了毕业典礼微信小组,让您了解最新动态。



  • 着装规范是漂亮整洁的商业装。男士:衬衫和整洁的裤子。女士:衬衫和裙子/裤子或者漂亮的礼服。
  • 注册时,您将领取您的学士服和学士帽,活动结束后归您保管。



  • 您将在毕业典礼上获得一个特别纪念证书。请注意,这不是您真正的萨里大学学位证。


  • 请在下午两点抵达,以便有时间注册,换衣服和拍照。
  • 注册时,您将收到您的门票、客票、学士服和座位卡。轮到您时,我们的工作人员会引领您到台上。请您坐在指定的座位上,从而确保我们能以正确的顺序宣读参加者名单。
  • 收到证书后,请回到自己的座位上。
  • 毕业典礼时长预计为90分钟。
  • 典礼前后都可以拍照。
  • 庆祝招待会将于下午6点15分开始,届时将提供晚餐。


  • 当天提供有偿专业摄影服务
  • 典礼举行期间不准拍照,嘉宾需留在各自的座位上。


请通过邮件、或电话 +44 (0) 7811 290537。