Dr Alexander Seal

Postgraduate researcher

Qualifications: BSc Sociology, MSc Social Research


Further information


I started my academic career at Plymouth University completing a BSc in Sociology and an MSc in Social Research. I am currently a PhD student and graduate tutor within the department. My supervision team consists of Professor Rachel Brooks and Dr Paul Hodkinson. The project is funded by the Higher Education Academy.

Research Interests

My research interests fit broadly within the choices young people make in relation to higher education. For my PhD, I am looking at the motivations and aspirations for UK students choosing to study abroad and the impact this has on learning and employment opportunities upon graduation. For my MSc, I have looked at the reasons why students decide to study sociology and the way sociology, as a discipline, has had to adapt to changing student expectations of what a degree is for.

My research interests also fall into ‘methodological issues within research’. Specifically, I am interested in the way social scientists present ‘new’ knowledge and the process of how they claim knowledge gained from empirical research is representative of the social world. I am therefore deeply interested in issues of objectivity and subjectivity within the social and natural sciences.

I welcome anyone to contact me regarding any of my research interests.


Seal, A. (Forthcoming 2013). 'Reflections of a new graduate tutor'. The Sociology Teacher


Introduction to research methods (SOC1025)

Introduction to 20th century sociological theory: Social order and social change (SOC1024)

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