What is the CAQDAS Networking Project?

Practical support, training and information in the use of a range of software programs designed to assist qualitative data analysis. Platforms for debate concerning the methodological and epistemological issues arising from the use of such software packages. Research into methodological applications of CAQDAS.

CAQDAS 2014 Conference website: Past, present and future: 25 years of CAQDAS 
Presentation slides now available!

See Events Calendar to view forthcoming events and to book a place. 

OUT NOW: Silver C & Lewins A (2014) Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-by-Step Guide, Sage Publications


We have no commercial links to any software developer or supplier. We can therefore provide independent advice about software. 

See more about our history, remit, mission and research.



We work closely with a number of other projects in order to provide the best possible set of resources and training events possible. These include Day Courses in Social Research, the South East Doctoral Training Centre, the Online QDA and REQUALLO websites and the NCRM.

Day Courses in Social Research

We work in close partnership with the Day Courses programme also located within the Sociology Department at the University of Surrey who administer most of our training and capacity-building events. 

South East Doctoral Training Centre (SEDTC)

Through our connection with SEDTC we are able to offer very good value fees for our training events for doctoral students. Rates depend on discipline and institution.  

Online QDA

The CAQDAS Networking project resource is closely connected to the Online QDA website, based at Huddersfield University. The two resources have been developed in close collaboration and are intended to provide a rounded service to qualitative researchers. For more information on our collaboration and the relationship between the two websites please see Online QDA Collaboration.

National Centre for Research Methods

The NCRM, based at the University of Southampton, acts as a hub for methodological innovation in the UK. We have close ties with the NCRM as a result of their funding of our research activities under the Qualitative Innovations in CAQDAS (QUIC) programme. The NCRM support our continued capacity-building activities, enabling us to provide free and low-cost seminars on methodological applications concerning the use of CAQDAS. 



Between 1994 and 2011 we were funded by 7 streams of ESRC funding, most recently as an ESRC National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) Node (Qualitative Innovations in CAQDAS -QUIC), as part of the Research Methods Programme (RMP) and the Researcher Development Initiative (RDI). We are currently receiving no external funding. 

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