Qualitative Innovations in CAQDAS (QUIC)

Between 2008 - 2011 the CAQDAS Networking Project was in receipt of Node funding from the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM)

QUIC built on the work the CAQDAS Networking Project have been undertaking since 1994 to further explore technological and methodological developments in qualitative software and provide additional training and capacity building opportunities to fill identified gaps in support for software users.

Methodological Innovations in Computational Support (MICS)

Using data generated from the substantive areas of environmental risk and crime and social disorder QUIC  focused on three key areas of development in computational qualitative social science methodology:

a) the full integration of quantitative and qualitative data in mixed-methods research;
b) the systematic analysis of multi-stream visual data (e.g. Access Grid data); and
c) the convergence of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology with qualitative software.

We evaluated the suitability of different qualitative packages in these respects and derived exemplars, teaching datasets, and self-learning materials from each mini-research project. These are available in the Outputs and Guidance areas of this website. 

Training and Capacity Building (TCB) Programme

QUIC continued to deliver a core, well-established Training and Capacity Building programme in qualitative software. A new model of two-day training workshops provided more focussed support for those already with data. Our Advanced Seminar Series continued with contributions from methodologists, software developers and users, but included additional seminars discussing the progress in our MICS work.

We also developed a new range of on-line training materials, including interactive protocols and software exemplars, for planning and managing software projects and for manipulating software to support analytic strategies in a range of disciplines and qualitative methodologies. Results from the MICS projects and software users' experiences were used in developing these materials.

QUIC was a collaboration between the University of Surrey and Royal Holloway, University of London, based in the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey.  The project started in September 2008 and ended on 14th September 2011.

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