HomeSAFE Study

Engaging and exploring LGBT*Q tenant experiences, concerns and preferences about social housing


Little is known about the housing needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning (LGBT*Q) people, particularly with respect to social housing, however findings from a small scale research study completed in 2015 prompted concerns about landlord support for LGBT*Q tenants and possible landlord homophobia. The HomeSAFE study, commissioned by HouseProud and funded by 6 housing associations, aims to find out more about the experiences and views of LGBT*Q residents in relation to their home, their landlord and their neighbourhood.

The project will use focus groups, interviews and an online survey to collect information from people who live in social housing, i.e. accommodation which is owned and managed by a housing association or a local authority, to help identify the main issues being faced by LGBT*Q residents and to inform practical steps that landlords could take to address them.  The formal study report and recommendations will be made available later in the year and the key findings will be disseminated through a number of channels, including a public engagement event.

We are looking for people aged 18 or over, who rent their accommodation from a housing association or local council, to take part in either a focus group (taking place in Liverpool, London or Manchester) or interview in their home (or local community centre or similar venue, if preferred).  If they would like to, it may be possible for participants to take part in both.  As recognition of our appreciation for the time and effort involved in taking part, participants will receive a £25 multipurpose gift voucher (£50 if participating in both focus group and interview).  Focus group participants who incur costs getting to the focus group venue, will able to claim up to £30 in vouchers to help cover travel expenses.

To find out more and to register your interest in taking part in a focus group and/or interview, please visit: HomeSAFE Registration or call Frances on 07895 656222.

To complete the online survey, please visit HomeSAFE Survey or, to request a paper copy of the survey, please call Frances on 07895 656222. You will be given the option of being entered for a prize draw upon completing the survey. The winner, drawn at random on the 30th September 2017, will receive a £50 voucher.

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