Exploration Missions

UK MoonLITE Mission

The MoonLITE mission concept comprises a small orbiter and four penetrators. The primary scientific goal is to investigate the seismic environment and deep structure of the Moon including the nature of the core, by placing a network of seismometers via penetrators on the lunar surface. Prof. Yang Gao from SSC was the science coordinator in MoonLITE Pre-phase A study, and the SSC STAR Lab has been developing various penetrator technologies.  

UK MoonRaker Mission

The Moonraker mission consists of a single propulsive soft-lander aiming to provide a low-cost European lander capability for robotic exploration of the lunar surface in preparation for subsequent human expeditions. The primary science goal is in situ dating of the young basalts at northern Oceanus Procellarum, both for understanding lunar evolution and for better calibrating the lunar cratering rate that is used with assumptions for dating solid surfaces throughout the whole Solar System. Prof Yang Gao from SSC was the science coordinator in MoonRaker Pre-phase A study. 

ESA ExoMars Mission

The ExoMars mission aims to demonstrate key planetary robotics technologies such as rover autonomy and deep drilling. SSC was involved in the Phase A study, the SSC STAR-Lab has been involved in the UK PanCam payload studies and developing low-cost rover autonomy and planetary drilling technologies, and investigating advanced rover locomotion technologies.

MoonLITE Mission


Moon Raker


ESA ExoMars mission

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