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Stephen has been involved from the beginning of the satellite activities at the University of Surrey, with the launch of the very first micro-satellite UoSAT-1 (1981). He has spent most of his working years at Surrey, apart from one teaching semester as Visiting Lecturer at the University of Cape Town in 1992. He was subsequently appointed (for 3 years) as Visiting Associate Professor to the Department of Electrical Engineering University of Cape Town (1994).

Here at Surrey he pioneered a simple but effective attitude control for the first dozen University satellites based on magnetorquing / gravity-gradient effect. This work gained him a PhD in 1990. He then moved onto various other signal processing applications: on the design of low Earth orbit telecommunication links, real-time error correcting codes, and general systems analysis. With a succession of PhD students he has investigated satellite radio altimetry, synthetic aperture radar, advanced satellite attitude control, automatic calibration procedures by novel uses of least square estimation, extensions to Kalman filter theory, ‘chirp’ transforms, probabilistic studies of user access to the low Earth orbit satellite channel and in particular Earth electromagnetic surveillance and geolocation.

In collaboration with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) he has been much involved in providing mathematical and theoretical support for on-board satellite reception and applications of the Global Positioning System (GPS), again with Ph.D students. Retiring in 2006 he was appointed Visiting Reader. He has recently been re-appointed, in order to continue his involvement.

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