Accommodation for incoming exchange students

As an exchange student you are eligible to apply for University accommodation. We try to allocate rooms to all of our exchange students but it is not guaranteed and a few may need to rent a room in the private sector.

About our accommodation

The University of Surrey’s accommodation is grouped into self-catered courts of residence on three sites:

  • Stag Hill (our main campus where most academic buildings are located)
  • Manor Park (our residential village, five minutes by bus/15 minutes on foot) 
  • Hazel Farm (two miles north/20 to 30 minutes by bus).

Find out more about our accommodation and prices.

Student rooms can only be allocated for full semesters, so project students are advised to come to Surrey for the whole semester or at the start of the semester if possible.

Students coming outside the normal semester dates are advised to contact the Accommodation Office for assistance with renting in the private sector (see section below). It may be easiest to find a room to rent in a family home nearby.

Student nurses are advised to book accommodation in Royal Surrey County Hospital key-worker flats as these are conveniently located next to the hospital and just 10 minutes by bus from the University.

Details of how to apply will be emailed to students once their exchange application has been accepted.

Applicants will need to either pay the rent in full before their arrival or provide the financial details of a guarantor. If no rooms are available, students should contact the University Accommodation Office for assistance in finding a room to rent in the private sector (see section below).

How to apply

We will email you with details of how to apply for University accommodation.

  • Semester 1 entry students will be emailed in July
  • Semester 2 entry students will be emailed in November.

The email will contain your unique student number (URN), which you need in order to complete the form. You will need to indicate your preferred price bands in order of preference. You will not be able to specify a particular court or site. If you have any specific requirements, these can be entered on the form.

Confirmation of room allocation

The Accommodation team will confirm by email whether you have been allocated a room:

  • Semester 1 entry students will be emailed by late August or early September
  • Semester 2 entry students will be emailed by late December or early January.

Paying for your room

You must make a pre-payment of £250 to secure your room. You will then be invoiced by email for the remainder of the semester’s fees a couple of weeks after their arrival. Fees for the spring semester are split into two instalments. Find out more about paying for your room and how to pay your fees.

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Renting in the private sector

Our Lettings Office can assist you with finding a room to rent in the private sector nearby.