Summer programmes

If you are interested in spending time abroad, but don't want to be away for a full semester or a year, a summer programme is a great option. However, it is also possible to undertake a summer programme along with a study exchange.

The University of Surrey sponsors a number of exciting summer programmes in a variety of destinations, with the availability of a grant.

Details of each programme can be accessed via the relevant folders. Note summer programmes are not credit bearing. 

Summer programmes 2022 (tbc)

As part of this virtual internship, you will gain unique experience in the charity and NGO sector. You will support Fijian government ministries, social enterprises or charities, to implement the Fiji National Development Plan and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Achieve purposeful projects, which tackle international development Issues and achieve real outcomes, whist developing your skills, experience and boosting your employability. The duration varies between 4, 8 and 12 weeks. Students can join every 2 weeks in the summer.

Serena Larrier and Katie Dowell have written about their virtual internships 2021. A video by Mona Daher can also be viewed on her experience of the internship.

The remote internships are full time positions, Monday-Friday for the duration of 8 or 12 weeks. Exact number of working hours each week will differ slightly between the different host companies and you choose what duration is best for you. You can find more details of the programme by visiting this website.

Alexandra Pimentel-Gilmore speaks about her experience of interning with a Law firm in Mexico. 

This programme focuses on increasing cultural understanding, developing employability skills and helping students to gain valuable experiences in new and innovative ways.

At this summer school, together with Stockholm University's Business School (SBS), you will get the opportunity to study both law courses and current topics in business administration. You can choose to combine subjects or just focus on one of them.


The Kozminski international summer school in Warsaw offers several Business and Legal courses. For detailed information, fees and how to apply, please refer to their website.

AU Summer University consists of a large variety of courses within the fields of Arts, Business and Economics, Business Communication, Political Science and Law, Health, Science and Technology.

The Summer School is open to undergraduate students from all years and all faculties but note this is not a credit bearing course for Surrey students. For details of the courses, visit the Aarhus summer university

Ester Darmanin, who attended the Aarhus summer school 2018 describes it as an unforgettable experience. Jakub Lukaszewicz talks about his experience at the 2019 summer school.


This is a Business focussed summer school and details of the modules can be viewed on their website. Students from all undergraduate years and disciplines can apply for this summer school. 


This programme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate Surrey Business School students. See flyer and for further details on individual programmes, go to their website.


For details of individual courses, go to Vrije summer school. These courses are open to undergraduate students from all years and disciplines. 

Courses for this summer school are listed below:

These summer schools are open to undergraduate students from all years studying in the 'School of Hospitality and Tourism Management'. 


This summer school offers a wide range of interesting courses and is open to all undergraduate students. For further details, visit the summer school website.

Diani Wilmot describes the summer school as an exciting and memorable experience.

A minimum of 2 weeks are recommended for this course. This is an exciting programme including Spanish classes, workshops and cultural activities at one of Spain's reputable institutions with 500 years of history. The Summer School is primarily open to 1st year undergraduate Language students who study Spanish ab initio as part of their degree. A minimum of 2 weeks of the summer programme is required for these students. 

In addition, 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students studying GGA Spanish who would like to potentially jump a stage (on their return to Surrey) can also apply. A minimum duration of 4 weeks is recommended for these students.


This summer school offers a wide range of courses and is open to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students. For details of future courses, accommodation cost and how to apply, please go to their website.  

Business in Russia: How to Understand and Survive

Postgraduate and undergraduate students from all years and all disciplines are eligible to apply for this summer school. Details of the programme can be accessed via their website 

Alex Beaver writes about his memorable experience at the summer school.

Brazilian Business & Culture is an intensive Summer Program focused on the Brazilian Economy, Culture and Agribusiness, also including a strong Cultural Management aspect.  The subjects are entirely taught in English, but Portuguese Classes are included, so that students can have a broader view of Brazilian Culture, as this is the national language.

The program is structured in classes, seminars, company and cultural visits, workshops and at the end of the Program the students are required to present a project focused on one of the topics presented in the Program.

The Program is hosted by the School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting at Ribeirão Preto – University of São Paulo, the best Latin American University, in one of the most important cities for agribusiness in Brazil. The Summer School is open to undergraduate students from all years and all faculties. 

Nicole Kwami thoroughly enjoyed her time in Brazil and describes her experience at the summer school 2019.

This internship programme will last for 8 weeks. The first 3 weeks are based at DUFE and include Mandarin lessons, business seminars, cultural visits and a visit to a company. This will be followed by 5 weeks of internship in a local company, sourced by Intern China.

This programme is open to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students from all faculties. 


Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean

This is a two week programme open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students with an interest in Ocean Science and Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Aviation as well as Chinese culture. Michael Hughes who attended the summer school in 2019 describes his time at HIT as a fascinating experience. 


This internship programme will run for 4 weeks. The participants will teach at one of the schools run by Hidimba Educational Society from 9am to 3pm Monday to Saturday. The teaching will involve team building exercises, fun games, teaching a skill that you are passionate about e.g painting, dancing singing, drama, sports etc. This internship is open to undergraduate students from all years and all faculties. 

Kaltun Hassan and Samiah Haroon have written about their experience in Kullu. 


Beihang University offers a variety of courses such as Engineering related, Marketing Management and Corporate Finance. For details of their specific programmes, visit their website


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