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Adam Cole

Adam Cole

"My work looks at the damage done to DNA by radiation and how that DNA repairs itself."

"Sometimes this repair fails and it is possible for micronucleus to form. These occur at low doses, similar to those given in radiotherapy treatment. It is hoped that my work can be used to predict secondary malignancies that may occur after treatment or be used to tailor treatment for patients receiving radiotherapy after surgery.

I am based in Chemical Engineering and I work in the Medical Applications (of Ion Beams) group at Surrey. This is a multidisciplinary group of engineers, biologists, physicists and mathematicians who focus on the interaction of radiation with living cells for cancer research.

We have collaborations with institutions and I am co-supervised by Dr Raj Jena, a clinical oncologist from the Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

Working in a diverse group is a challenge and a reward. I don’t regret choosing to do a PhD for a minute."

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