Student profile

Annie Waqar

“I get a lot of support from my supervisors. They are just amazing."



"My research looks at the implications of complex technopolitical issues such as those arising from the 2005 USA-India strategic nuclear partnership and its effect on nuclear proliferation in South Asia.

Not much research has been done in this area, yet it is a topical issue and needs further exploration. It involves international relations and international law, which makes it even more interesting.

I get a lot of support from my supervisors, who are always there to guide me and check my progress. They are just amazing.

I won a scholarship before starting the course, and I am currently a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Politics. I have presented papers at many international conferences, and I am writing a paper to be published in an international journal. I am also organising an international conference. This will all help me to build my academic career."


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