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Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee

"The diversity of my fellow course mates ensures that there is plenty of interaction in our classes and projects. Our interactions with each other and with our professors help to bring new insights to the issues discussed."


Business Analytics

"The University of Surrey is among the pioneers of the Business Analytics MSc programme in the UK and that was a compelling enough reason to choose Surrey to further my interest in analytics. Prior to coming to Surrey, I was working with the Ministry of Education, Singapore as a Mathematics Teacher in a Secondary School. I was also freelancing as an Accounting and Information Systems Consultant working with some Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

My work with my SME clients got me interested in how analysing data can provide better business solutions to my clients and help them with business decision making.

I was also interested with the potential that analytics could bring to organisations at a time when technology advancements are regarded as a part of everyday life.

I attended the webinars organised by the University as well as Surrey Business School which were informative, helpful and ultimately crucial in my final decision.

I hope to be able to be a part of educating the next generation in analytics and how its applications can help increase overall enterprise value, as well as social value to create a sustainable future.

The diversity of my fellow course-mates ensures that there is plenty of interaction in our classes and projects. Our interactions with each other and with our professors help to bring new insights to the issues discussed relating to both our project problems and real-world issues.

"The professors are passionate in the field that they teach and are very keen on sharing from their experiences. They are always open to having a conversation with you in their office."


Be prepared to be thrown into the deep end and enduring the frustration of not knowing what steps to take when first dealing with data for analytics. It is part of the learning process that the professors put us through and one that all of us had to go through. Only after going through this did we learn to get a handle over our analytics projects.

I was allocated to Clandon House at Guildford Court which is great, in terms of proximity to the rest of campus.

The allocation done this year was quite good in that they put all postgraduate students together in the same house, so that we weren't disturbed by the undergraduates.

Guildford is generally a rather quiet town. It makes for a good study environment since you have more peace and quiet to focus on your work. The Sports Park also has plenty of sports facilities for use and I personally love heading to the pool both as part of an exercise routine and for relaxation. I got well-connected early on with the church community here and that really helped me settle in quickly.

The proximity to London means I’ve gone there about a handful of times, when colleagues and friends have come over for a short holiday. I’ve also gone up to Manchester over a weekend to catch a Premier League game.

Being surrounded by a diverse group in my course has helped me embrace the different perspectives of others.

I intend to work for a few years in the field of analytics before considering further studies again so that I will be able to teach again, but this time, to learners in tertiary institutes."


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