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Caitlin Knight Sociology graduate

Caitlin Knight

"Having a multidisciplinary supervisory team is a huge asset."



"My research looks at UK media representations of genocide, using two specific case studies: the 1994 Rwanda genocide and the 1995 Srebrenica genocide. I am using Critical Discourse Analysis on newspaper articles and following this up through interviews with the reporters and journalists who wrote them.

I have not seen any recent research within this area, especially not utilising in-depth interviews with the people involved in reporting these events.

Having a multidisciplinary supervisory team is a huge asset to my type of research, since it crosses disciplinary borders.

Both of my supervisors work to challenge me, and I always leave our meetings feeling incredibly motivated.

The University itself is very supportive as well, especially through the different opportunities that come up for research, work and events to socialise with other research students."


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