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Ellie Morley

Ellie Morley

"Completing my first year at university with a high 2:1 was a huge achievement for me, as I managed to make the huge personal and academic transition from school to university, and settle into a new community with new friends, new challenges and new goals."


English Literature BA (Hons)

Entry year


"Surrey was the first university that I visited that made me genuinely excited about coming to university. When I visited for my open day, I was overwhelmed with how warmly I was greeted by the staff and students of the University, and the campus looked beautiful on a stunningly sunny day in June. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and approachable, and I knew that this was the kind of environment where I could feel at home.

The Professional Training placement was also a huge influence on my decision to apply to Surrey, as I was sure that this invaluable experience would open so many doors for me and it seemed to be an opportunity that not many other universities offered to English Literature students.

I have learnt that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and so I have seized the chance to try something new on a daily basis. Studying English Literature at Surrey has taught me one of the most important lessons that I’ve come across: to never judge a book by its cover.

"My confidence has improved in leaps and bounds, as I have grabbed opportunities and thrown myself into situations that I wouldn’t have even considered had I not gone to university."

I’ve studied books that I would never have known to exist without my degree, read texts from the 14th to the 21st centuries, from Chaucer to Austen, Coleridge to Ibsen, Shakespeare to Doyle, and loved every second of it.

I’ve looked at postcolonial issues, issues of gender and sexuality, literature reflecting world events such as 9/11 and the French Revolution, whilst considering the impact of these issues on literature, and how our place in the world dictates how we think of them.

In just two years I have learned an incredible amount, not only about literature and academia, but also perspectives on the world and its issues, and this has granted me a whole new perspective and way of thinking.

In my first year I decided to undertake the Global Graduate Award that all Surrey students are offered, and take a beginners course in Sign Language, which is an opportunity which I have always hoped would come my way. This was such a wonderful experience, as I can now hold a conversation with a fluent counterpart, and I feel this skill will open doors for me in my future career, as I hope to work in the charity sector.

I was lucky enough to be taught entirely in Sign Language, which kept me on my toes and kept me motivated towards my goal. The Global Graduate Award is a fantastic opportunity that I would encourage anyone to undertake. "

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