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Folake Oni MBA graduate

Folake Oni

Meet Folake Oni, a medical doctor from Nigeria and current full time MBA student at Surrey.


Business Administration

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"I have always loved the practice of medicine and wanted to be a doctor from an early age; many years later, I achieved my dream and have practised as a medical doctor for over ten years now. Although, I had career fulfilment, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies and ineffective leadership in the healthcare system in my country, Nigeria. Because there is little business or management training in the medical schools, there is a lack of innovative leadership, with the patients being worse off for it.

Driven to create a change, I became very interested in healthcare management and wanted to understand how the business of healthcare worked. Deciding to pursue an MBA was a major career move for me as it meant leaving clinical practice, my country and my comfort zone.

I chose Surrey because it seemed the modules delivered on the course had been tailor made to suit my expectations and the curriculum included business projects with live consultancy tasks. The multicultural and professional diversity of the MBA cohort, the wealth of industrial and academic expertise of the faculty made Surrey the only option on my list.

The Surrey MBA has broadened my perspective in finance, strategy and marketing in unfamiliar industries. I have learnt to be creative and innovative in my thinking and integrate my clinical and management skills. I developed team-working and networking abilities and discovered the best approaches to problem-solving often come from outside your own industry. I can now look at problems objectively and drill down to come up with creative and original solutions. I wanted a global but fun experience and I am now confident working and taking steps outside of my comfort zone."

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