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Gabrielle Robert

"My experience at Surrey has definitely changed who I am. I’ve had lots of positive and challenging experiences as a student. As a Canadian student, I have also been exposed to a variety of wonderful new cultures and opportunities."



"I first heard of Surrey during a presentation given to me back home in Canada regarding the University and its programmes. I was immediately captivated by the possibility of studying law right out of high school! This also seemed like an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture while studying in my field of interest.

As a Canadian student, prior to applying, I would highly recommend prospective students to thoroughly research the different methods that UK taught students can transfer their law degree back home.

This will help them decide if this is the right path.

I really enjoy the experience that I get in my weekly tutorial sessions. My tutorials have allowed me to further my understanding of class material. Also, our tutorial groups are small and I always have the opportunity to ask all of my questions and receive thorough answers.

"I chose this programme because I am passionate about how law impacts and shapes our society and I find it relevant in our everyday lives."


I’ve had amazing professors here at the University of Surrey. They have been incredibly helpful and keen to answer my questions in addition to having extensive and flexible office hours.

Many professors have even provided students with supplementary guidance in order to help students prepare for exams.

I’ve lived in University accommodation for the past two years and both years my rooms have been great! Not only am I close to my classes, but I am also in proximity of Surrey Sports Park and Guildford town centre, which is truly ideal.

For the past two years I’ve participated with the University volleyball team. This team has allowed me to meet a lot of nice people as well as be part of a healthy and active environment! Playing with this team has given me the chance to take a break from study while still being involved with the University. I believe that staying active is an important part of being a successful student and I am happy that the University of Surrey has facilitated this aspect of my wellbeing.

Surrey students are truly blessed as our campus is very green. The lake and surrounding greenery provides students with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors. In addition, Guildford itself is a beautiful town full of great shopping and food options. I’ve also really enjoyed the architecture of the town’s High Street as well as the grounds at Guildford Castle, all of which add to the quaintness of Guildford and my general experience as an international student.   

As a student, in the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several wonderful places such as Scotland, Austria and France. I was shocked to find out how affordable flights were throughout Europe! Within England I have travelled to London on many occasions as it is a short train from Guildford, as well as Oxford and Sheffield. There is a lot more to see in England and I am looking forward to exploring more of it!"

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