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Mason Malloy

Mason Malloy

"Since arriving at Surrey, I've become much more confident and I've gained a greater sense of what I'm capable of – both academically and socially."

"From my first experience of chemical experimentation with a DIY volcano set that was given to me one Christmas, I have always been passionate about learning about how chemical compounds interact and give rise to everything that occurs on earth.

At the time of my application, Surrey was rising in the subject league tables for chemistry. With the amount of extraordinary research, the integrated Professional Training placement, and the additional Forensic Investigation specialisation opportunities at Surrey, I knew that this was going to be the university that I would study at.

I particularly enjoy the Forensic Science and Analytical Chemistry modules, in which the measurement of substances and chemicals by many different methods is undertaken. Additionally, I am highly interested by Organic Chemistry, the study of the reactions that allow us to synthesise new products, medicines and materials.

If you are considering applying to Surrey for Chemistry, you will not regret it. With the fantastic facilities across the department, faculty and university in general, it is one of the best universities in the country.

The staff in the Department of Chemistry are friendly, always willing to assist you with any enquiry or issue, and have extensive knowledge of the world of Chemistry. Their willingness to teach inspires us to learn and to discover new things, and the PhD students who work alongside the staff in their research endeavours are equally as inspiring.

The laboratory support staff are also extremely helpful, assisting students in need and keeping the laboratories working at the highest levels of efficiency. The liaisons with Careers Centre also allows for additional support before, during and after the Professional Training placements, allowing students to seek assistance when needed.

The laboratory and teaching facilities are phenomenal, with the Surrey undergraduate Chemistry Department having access to instruments that many other universities do not have available until postgraduate study. This allows for a compounding of knowledge and experience that gives Surrey students an edge in the larger world of the chemical professions.

Guildford is an incredible place, with close links to London and a great social life. The events run by the Students' Union, and by the many different societies and sports clubs, allow for everyone to find something that they enjoy, and meet people that they can relate to and be friends with. The facilities at the newly renovated Surrey Sports Park are also fantastic, with a state-of-the-art gym, climbing wall, swimming pool, and courts for many different sports. 

I am currently the Treasurer of the Chemistry Society, which has given me incredible experience in being part of a society and improving the overall student experience for all students, from running events to implementing a ‘Buddy System’ to ease the newer students into life at university, in Guildford and on the course. I made the decision to take up this position after the fantastic experiences from the Chemistry Society in my first year. 

Surrey is a fantastic university with many different opportunities for all people and of all skills."


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