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Phillimon Seruwo

"My Surrey experience has been life-changing. I've not only developed academically, I've also gained personal and life skills."

"I have always liked business because it can be applied to almost every working sector in life, whether at a local, national or international level.

League tables were important for me in choosing a university, and Surrey's emphasis on professional development was also an attractive factor. The facilities here are world class and the academic staff are very knowledgeable on the areas they specialise in, which is a great benefit for us students in getting industry knowledge.

The Rik Medlik building
Phillimon Seruwo

I enjoy the practical side of the Business and Retail Management degree, such as presentations. This has helped me in many ways as my confidence has greatly improved, leading me to try lots of new activities outside of the study environment, including acting.

I am a very extroverted person, so I like being a part or things and keeping active. Some of the best things about Surrey are the nearby countryside, where I cycle a lot, and the Sports Park, where I get to play football representing the University. Being a part of the clubs and societies led me to stand for the Ethics and Environment role in the Students' Union, which I currently hold for this academic year.

Since joining Surrey, my confidence has greatly improved, leading me to try lots of new activities outside of the study environment.

I would greatly recommend a Professional Training placement period. For me, it was an opportunity to mature while being treated as a regular employee with real responsibilities and tasks, as well as an opportunity to hone my interview technique as part of a competitive recruitment process. In my role I organised events, looked after administration, worked with local youths and raised money for international charities. It was a whole new experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I used to fly two sitter planes as part of the air cadets so I'd like to go back into aviation, but perhaps on the business side for a few years. Then maybe I will pursue my dream of getting a pilot licence.

My Surrey experience has been lifechanging, not just for the academic learning but also the development of my personal and life skills. It's been a great place to study. Wonderful things definitely do happen here."


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