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Sanjana Bhaskar

"I’m glad to be a part of such a vibrant student community."
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Neusentis, Cambridge

"I chose Surrey for the modular degree structure and the opportunity for a Professional Training placement.

During the course, you’re encouraged to think independently and critically analyse every topic learnt, which has helped me develop in-depth scientific understanding of the various modules. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and the University offers a lot of resources and support though the librarySPLASH and the Careers Service. I have learnt to work more independently and have received a wealth of lab experience.

Sanjana Bhaskar
Sanjana Bhaskar

For my Professional Training year, I went to Neusentis, a Pfizer research unit in Cambridge where I undertook a lab-based project and molecular pharmacology lab work aimed at optimising receptor occupancy measurement using chemical biology tools. In addition to lab experience, I acquired team working and leadership skills, as well as scientific presentation and writing skills. The work was challenging, however, I learned how to scientifically troubleshoot through various hurdles to successfully address the project’s aims.

I would definitely encourage all undergraduates to pursue a Professional Training year. It provides a wealth of experience that can help shape future career ambitions.

I lived on the Manor Park campus for the first two years of my degree. The rooms were very comfortable and spacious with ensuite facilities, and I loved the idea of court life mentoring and the regular socials that were organised.

Surrey offers a well-rounded undergraduate experience. It is ideally located, with a beautiful campus and top-notch facilities. There are a lot of activities throughout the year in the form of clubs, societies and social events. I’m glad to be a part of such a vibrant student community."

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