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SAtyam Patel

Satyam Patel

"Life as a University of Surrey student is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, and one reason for this is its friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere."

"The University of Surrey appealed to me for a few reasons – the main one is that it’s one of the best universities in the UK and ranks exceptionally highly for engineering. Another great thing about the University is the Surrey Sports Park, while the nightlife is also great, with big acts performing in the Rubix nightclub on campus, as well as in Guildford, on a weekly basis.

I chose to study Aerospace Engineering because of the wide range of skills it teaches, which will – by the end of my degree – enable me to design and test my own ideas. 

The academic staff on my course are always friendly, helpful, and willing to help outside of lectures and tutorials. Also, our tutorial classes are held in small groups which allows each student to get the most out of their tutorial time.

One of the things I enjoy most about the course is the opportunity for practical work. Every semester we have a practical module which includes labs and workshops as well as CAD and Stress Analysis software sessions. These practicals allow you to test the theoretical theories you learn in real world situations and enable you to turn drawings into precise components.

The University has a special ‘design and make’ facility where students are able to take part in group work. Last year I took part in the UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) challenge as part of the fabrication team, which gave me the chance to design a part on CAD and then use a 3D printer to make it. One of the most important lessons I learnt was the importance of management and planning in this kind of project.

Life as a University of Surrey student is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, and one reason for this is its friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere. I lived in University accommodation at Cathedral Court during my first year, where I was lucky enough to share a block with a few students on my course, which meant we could help each other with work. The different mix of people you end up living with makes halls really fun – it puts you outside your comfort zone at first, but in a matter of days you will have found friends for life.

For me, the sports clubs at Surrey are what makes this university amazing. I’ve played many sports in the past but have learnt three – snow sports, kayaking and sailing – from beginner level by becoming part of these clubs at Surrey. Joining clubs is great as you interact with students of all ages, courses and backgrounds, and you’ll find that the people who go are fun to be around as they love trying new things and being adventurous."

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