Student profile

Soheyl Soodmand

“It’s exciting to try and make breakthroughs in my subject.”

"I am in my fourth year of an Electronic Engineering PhD at the University of Surrey, studying antenna design and the 'Internet of Things'. My PhD is entitled 'Optimised Inductively Coupled Reader Antennas for Smart 'high frequency radio frequency identification' HF RFID Systems'.

I chose to study my PhD here because everyone I knew told me that Surrey is one of the best academic institutions for engineering in Europe, and the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) is one of the largest academic research centres in the UK specialising in information and communication technology, so it was an easy choice.

I have two supervisors who facilitate my work. I am really happy with them – they show me how I can carry out my research at the University.

I wanted to focus on this particular area of research because I really like practical mathematics to be used in antenna design engineering and that's what I was keen on. I think that antenna design is a bit like creating a piece of architectural art but considering Maxwell's equations! As a PhD candidate, I use mathematical theory of electromagnetism to analyse these structures in both scientific and artistic ways as two parallel lines.

The main focus of my research is on the 'Internet of Things', and I aim to identify as many objects around us as possible, through the use of inductive coupled antennas. Not much research has been published in this area yet, so it's exciting to try and make breakthroughs in the area of antenna design."


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