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Trung Duong

Trung Duong

Previously Team Leader in the PR department at Hanoi Stock Exchange, Trung shares his experiences studying for an MBA at Surrey


Business Administration

"I chose an MBA at Surrey because of the high ranking in the league tables and the reputation for quality. The opportunity to receive a scholarship was also a plus.

During my time I have learnt and developed professional leadership skills, particularly I found the ability to reduce conflict in a team and balancing between tasks and relationships very useful.

I have gained a deeper understanding and become more self-aware about my strengths and weaknesses, which has helped me make progress both professionally and personally. As well as uncovering and channelling my ambitions, vision and future career I have generally gained confidence in my abilities.

Living and studying in Surrey has been a totally new experience which has put me outside my comfort zone at times, however the opportunity to work with international companies in an professional hands on environment has been very valuable and given me the chance to grow."

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