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Yingying Jin

"I decided to come to Surrey for my PhD because of the reputation of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and my positive MSc learning experience."


Hospitality, Tourism, Transport and Events

"I have always interested in the field of sustainability and how to encourage sustainable tourism development from the perspective of sustainable consumption. Following upon my Master study and dissertation, I wanted to investigate more on why people do what they do from a different theoretical perspective – social practice. This would help me to find a more effective way to encourage pro-environment behaviour.

Before doing my PhD, I received an MSc in Tourism Development at the University of Surrey. I decided to come to Surrey for my PhD because of the reputation of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, my prior positive learning experience, good research resources, and the similar research interests to supervisors.

"At Surrey I have met many wonderful colleagues and people from conferences and workshops."

Surrey is home to a diverse and supportive PhD community, great wellbeing services and meditationsessions to release pressure. 

My PhD supervisor has helped me achieve my aims during my PhD studies by meeting with me regularly, promptly responding to emails, and holding drop-ins during offices hours to answer questions and provide advice.

The wellbeing facilities, Library, online resources and Researcher Development Programme (RDP)workshops have all been useful during my PhD.

School Conferences, nation-wide workshops and the tripartite workshop in China have all been opportunities for collaboration. The achievement I have been proudest of during my PhD has been successfully delivering workshops which enable me to communicate my knowledge to the students as well as to learn from them. It also helped me develop my communication and public speaking skills."


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