Energy harvesting

Energy harvesters convert ambient energy into useable electrical energy that can drive low-power electronics, like wireless sensor networks, wearable devices and the internet of things.


We are trying to convert ambient energy by using rectenna (rectifying antenna) to convert electromagnetic radiation into DC electricity. A rectenna is simply an antenna with frequency specific response that enables it to absorb Radio Frequency (RF) energy and an RF diode connected across it. The diode rectifies the alternating current (AC) induced in the antenna from radio waves and/or microwaves into a direct current that can power a load.

It’s challenging to harvest RF energy as the signal tends to be relatively weak and the walls and structure of the building hamper the propagation of waves.


Our aims are to work out how best to:

  • Harvest RF energy efficiently to power electronic devices as an alternative to battery power.
  • Improve propagation of electromagnetic waves in buildings through the utilisation of smart surfaces.


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