The Surrey Human Performance Institute offers educational workshops and visits to schools and colleges, giving students the opportunity to get involved and learn about the practical aspects of sport science.

The sessions we offer aim to give students an engaging and practical introduction to both laboratory and field based testing. It provides students with an enhanced understanding of the study of sports science and the career opportunities it offers.

  • VO2MAX - demonstration with a student volunteer, other students assist with data collection.
  • Blood sampling - demonstration during the VO2MAX test to obtain lactate threshold.
  • Body composition - demonstration via bioelectrical impedance and skinfold calipers, students will complete four-site skinfold measurements in groups.

  • CPET - cardiopulmonary exercise test demonstration with a student volunteer, other students assist with data collection.
  • Lung function - demonstration and practice of handheld spirometry.
  • Blood pressure - demonstration and practice of manual and automated blood pressure measurement.

Students will take part in a variety of field tests used in sport science to measure different types of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, speed, strength etc):

  • Yo-yo test
  • 505 agility test
  • 20m sprint
  • Vertical jump test
  • Flexibility test
  • Hand and back strength dynamometry.

A talk from our nutritionist including information on basic nutritional guidelines, dietary requirements of athletes and the use of supplements.

  • Isokinetic dynamometry - demonstration of isometric and isokinetic contractions at different velocities to show the torque-velocity relationship.
  • Explosive jump - squat jumps at different knee flexion angles to demonstrate the length-tension relationship.

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