Robotics facilities (STAR lab)

"Dusty" robotics laboratory

  • Soil simulants preparation equipment
  • Robotic test rigs with force control, data acquisition and analysis, and adjustable gravity effect
  • Qualysis motion capture system with infra-red motion cameras & 3D motion tracking (sub-mm accuracy)
  • Field trial preparation.
robotics laboratory

"Clean" robotics laboratory

  • Surrey Rover Autonomous Software and Hardware Test-bed (SMART), with multiple micro-rovers of Mecanum wheeled, normal wheeled, tracked (ranging 20 to 100kg each), mono and stereo cameras, 2D and 3D LIDAR, and operating on standardized mid-ware ROS for testing of modular autonomy functions and/or applications
  • Commercial robotic platforms for algorithms and software testing validation, incl. Pioneer 3AT, Seekur Jr, Pepper, MIRO and so on
  • ESA PANGU Simulator
  • ESA APCI Framework
  • High performance computing servers/clouds.
robotics laboratory

Reconfigurable orbital robotics testbed

  • 3DOF air bearing table
  • 6 DPF robotic arm and 2D robotic gripper
  • Testbed for orbital robotics incl. proximity GNC and autonomy.

Facility PI contact

Professor Yang Gao.