Residential masterclasses and taster days

Our residential masterclasses and taster days programme offers Year-12 students the chance to experience studying at university.

Participants will experience the excellent teaching and facilities available at the University of Surrey, whilst exploring their chosen subjects further. As well as academic sessions, there will be plenty of opportunity to engage with our student ambassadors to find out what studying here is really like.

Student feedback

“I am now certain that I know what I'd like to study at university and I know a lot about what life in university will be like.” 

“It was really fun and educational, helped me with my confidence and helped me to better understand what university life is like.” 

“I really loved and enjoyed my experience here at Surrey. I made many friends and feel I have gained an insight about university life.” 

“Very helpful and insightful, gave a reassuring and helpful presentation of university life.”

“Campus tours and student ambassadors were super helpful. It was great to experience a lecture.”

“Academic sessions were fascinating and deeply insightful with engaging material and structure.”

“The day challenged me and made me cross into a totally new area of study.”