An ePortfolio is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. It encourages users to track, share and reflect on learning experiences. The emphasis places the importance on looking at the entire learning process rather than the end result. They provide an engaging medium for students to demonstrate life-long learning and professional development goals.


SurreyLearn ePortfolio

SurreyLearn offers its own ePortfolio tool, which is owned by the user (students and staff) and can be accessed anytime throughout the student journey. The SurreyLearn ePortfolio can be accessed from within the modules and programmes or directly from the SurreyLearn homepage, allowing students to manage their own personal area.

ePortfolio features


Use the ePortfolio Mobile App to capture a range of media from images and videos to links, these can be attached to reflections / notes demonstrating a link to learning or just for personal record. Using the app is a handy way to build a rich library of inspiring resources from wherever you may be, these can be captured offline and will synchronise across to your SurreyLearn when an internet connection is established. This ease of capture provides a dynamic way to build a record of life-long learning.


All your ePortfolio artefacts and items will be stored and backed up by the University.


Are you looking for feedback or general comments? Or perhaps you are working collaboratively with your peers? The ePortfolio allows you to easily share your items with individuals or sharing groups, with you deciding on what permissions are assigned to these items and the length of sharing. Furthermore, you are able to share presentations to externals outside the organisation using generated URLs.


Create your own webfolio(s) to present stories about yourself or about your learning journey. Use the evidence you have captured and created, including documents, graphics, audio files and more, to build your own website. This is a great way to demonstrate choices and achievements which have shaped your learning pathways, to staff and potential employers.

Belongs to you

ePortfolio is a space dedicated to you within SurreyLearn, which can be migrated across to the MyD2L website upon completion of your studies. MyD2L is a free service which will allow you to continue to develop your ePortfolio for life in a cloud-hosted environment.

Download the app

The ePortfolio mobile app is available on Apple iOS or Android.

Using ePortfolio

Download these guides to help you to use ePortfolio more effectively:

* A co-operative education system helps students to reflect on their work experiences providing them with reflective pieces to build an ePortfolio that demonstrates their personal professional development.

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Please contact your Faculty Digital Learning Co-ordinator to find out more about the SurreyLearn ePortfolio tool.

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