The considered use of technology can benefit the assessment process in a number of significant ways, helping to make the process more efficient for staff and enhancing this key aspect of the learning experience for students.

Why use Turnitin?

Turnitin can be used easily through SurreyLearn helping to improve the ease of submission for students and allowing academics to spend less time on administrative aspects of assessment. It can be used to support formative and summative assessment and offers a variety of ways to improve how accessible, timely and engaging feedback is.

Turnitin incorporates two main tools: OriginalityCheck and Feedback Studio, that can support and enhance the process of online submission, grading and feedback. They can be used separately or in combination.


OriginalityCheck is used widely at Surrey (and across higher education) to help deter and detect plagiarism and to support the development of students’ academic practice. It automatically checks submitted work against billions of web pages, a wide range of books and journals and previously submitted papers, identifying exact and near matches of text.

  • Very quickly get an overall picture of the level of matches across the cohort
  • Easily get a more in depth view of individual pieces of work and specific matches

Feedback Studio

Feedback Studio is integrated with SurreyLearn through Turnitin’s OriginalityCheck and provides a number of flexible ways to grade student work and provide feedback. Submissions can be viewed in their original format with additional tools and options easily available. These allow the tutor to:

  • Insert typed freeform comments on top of assignments in a similar way to writing comments on a paper submission
  • Organise frequently-used comments into a ‘library’, which allows comments to be easily inserted with a mouse click, (these libraries can be easily created and developed over time and some are already provided in Feedback Studio)
  • Insert a general comment at the end of the submission. This can be any length and can be used to summarise feedback and provide feedforward
  • Create shareable ‘rubrics’ that can be developed and customised to meet the requirements of specific assignments, modules or programmes
  • Select which parts of the process are done online or offline

Turnitin benefits

The benefits of using Turnitin include:

  • Reusable comment libraries and rubrics can help to deliver greater consistency and transparency in marking and feedback
  • Typed comments are easier for student to read
  • Easier to provide full feedback, with links, and resources to support feedforward

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