Department of Technology Enhanced Learning

Our strategy

Our Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy is focused on transforming the learning and teaching experience through technology and pedagogic innovation while our digital learning strategy provides a vision of how an institution can nurture and sustain a rich portfolio of digital learning opportunities.

Both the Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy strategy (PDF, 348KB) and the Digital Learning Strategy (PDF, 500KB) are available to download.

Strategic activities

Our TEL strategy identifies three strategic areas of activity:

Virtual learning environment: Governance, engagement and usage

The objectives of the virtual learning environment strategy are:

  • To consolidate and extend the use of the University‚Äôs virtual learning environment
  • To facilitate staff in their use of virtual learning environment platforms for innovating and transforming the learning and teaching experience
  • To enhance the quality of the staff and student experience in using virtual learning environment platforms

Pedagogic innovation

Our pedagogic innovation objectives are:

  • To support the introduction of novel pedagogies and diversity in the mode of study
  • To share good practice in Technology Enhanced Learning
  • To enhance the learning, teaching and assessment experience of students and staff

Development through research

We will enable development through research:

  • To create a virtuous circle between learning, teaching and research activity
  • To provide academic leadership in technology enhanced learning
  • To establish connections and communities to move forward research-led developments in TEL