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People with learning disabilities and their families

Do you have a learning disability? Are you pregnant or looking after a baby? Do you live in England? Or are you supporting someone with a learning disability who is pregnant or looking after a baby?

We would like to know about any good support you have been given and what you think could be improved. Your information will be kept private.

About our project

About our study

To find out about our study you can:

If you understand the study and want to take part, then please complete our online survey. All your information will be kept private.

If you have more questions or would prefer to speak to us on the phone, please call Treena Parsons on +44 (0)1483 684623.

Participant information

This study asks questions about the support given to people with a learning disability when they are pregnant or caring for a baby.

We are asking you to take part because you (or someone you care for) have a learning disability and are pregnant or caring for a baby under 24 months old.

We would like you to answer questions about the support received by parents with a learning disability.  You can answer these questions on your computer or over the telephone.

If you decide to answer our questions over the telephone, we will ask you to complete a form first.  The form will ask if we can record what you say on the telephone, so we don’t forget any of the things you tell us.

All the answers you give will be kept private and no-one will be able to tell the information is about you. If you tell me something that could mean you or someone else is at risk of harm, I would discuss it with you before telling anyone else.

It could help people with a learning disability to get better support in the future when pregnant or caring for a baby.

We don’t think there will be anything bad, but if you don’t like how it makes you feel you can stop at any time. 

Yes, you can phone Treena Parsons on 01483 684623 or email her at c.parsons@surrey.ac.uk.

Yes, you can change your mind within three weeks of giving Treena information, and we will not keep any information about you.

Dr Anna Cox and Professor Ann Gallagher have organised this study at the University of Surrey. The study is funded by Health Education England.

You can contact Dr Anna Cox (01483 684626) or Professor Melaine Coward (01483 686693) at the University of Surrey.

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