Preparing for university

We have lots of information to help get you ready for joining us here at Surrey.

Welcome to the first step of your university learning journey!

It can be useful to think of your time at Surrey as a ‘learning journey’ because you are entering a new chapter of your life. As such, your university story is yours to create – and shape – into a powerfully transformative learning experience… if you want it to be. How much you wish to evolve and develop as a learner depends on you, but it’s worth thinking about this from the moment you start your studies.

You’ve already been on a journey through your previous education experiences, where you will have developed many skills. However, university will involve taking your learning to new, higher levels, requiring you to draw upon and adapt strategies and techniques you’ve successfully adopted in the past, as well as developing new approaches.

These pages have been developed to support your successful transition to university and help you to confidently step forward on your journey at Surrey. 

Don't forget to look at the subject-specific resources to help you prepare for your studies.