Biosciences and medicine preparation

Welcome to the University of Surrey preparation information for the School of Biosciences and Medicine.

The Professional Training Year

You may (or not) be expecting to spend your third year out of university on our ‘Professional Training Year’ (or PTY) – you can change this right up until the summer before the placement so no need to worry now if you are not sure. We thought, though, that you might like to hear from a selection of students that have completed a PTY, so do watch these ‘my placement story’ videos.

Degree specific content


All the School’s programmes have been accredited or endorsed by a professional, statutory or regulatory body (PSRB) to ensure the alignment of your learning with professional skills and standards required by your prospective employers. We have provided links to each of these below. You may like to look at these in order to understand a little more about the relevance of your course to some of your potential career options.

Purchasing textbooks and digital books

Whilst you will gain access to reading lists for each module that you will study, we recommend that you wait until you arrive at the University before purchasing any of these. You will gain digital access to five or six important textbooks through our virtual learning environment (SurreyLearn) which are important to several modules – the list of these will be released shortly. Those provided digitally to all programmes for the last three years are as follows:

  1. Nelson, D. L. (David L. et al. (2017) Lehninger principles of biochemistry
  2. Alberts, B. et al. (2015) Molecular biology of the cell
  3. Tortora, G. J. & Derrickson, B. (2015) Principles of anatomy and physiology
  4. Tortora, G. J. et al. (2016) Microbiology: an introduction.

Of course, some students prefer to have hard copies of these and will, therefore, still want to purchase them, however, we would still recommend that you wait until you arrive to decide which ones to buy – some module leads will describe the pros of the recommended books and which ones are best suited for the modules, in addition, several of these will be available through the University library. In the meantime have a look at some of the topical reading and videos suggested by the programme teams.