Mathematics preparation: Steps to success

Welcome to the University of Surrey mathematics preparation framework. Follow our six steps to improve your basic mathematical skills and knowledge in readiness for your degree studies.

1. Start

Begin by downloading and attempting the diagnostics questions 1 (PDF), following the instructions in the document.

2. Evaluate

After you have completed as many of the questions as you can, mark your solutions against the specimen solutions (PDF). Follow the guidance in the document and use the results to note which of the study units you should work on to improve your skills and knowledge.

3. Identify

Identify the study units (see end of page) you wish to review and download the appropriate study unit resources.

4. Review

Review your chosen study units: First work through the slides, then attempt the consolidation questions. Check your solutions to the consolidation questions against the provided specimen solutions. There is no rush and no time limit.

5. Evaluate

When you have finished reviewing your chosen study units you can evaluate yourself again. Diagnostic questions 2 (PDF) is designed to be completed in approximately one hour. As an option you can submit your answer for marking. To do this you must download and use the answers sheet (PDF). Carefully follow the instructions. The result will be communicated to you and the department you will be entering.

6. Feedback

As this is the first year for us to run the mathematics preparation framework we are interested in finding out about your experience. Please assist us by completing the online questionnaire. It should not take longer than 2-3 minutes to complete.

Study units

Each unit contains a set of slides, consolidation questions and solutions. You should choose 4-5 units to complete over the summer, based on your evaluation of your performance on the diagnostic questions. Select the tab to view the study unit materials.

Additional information for mathematics students

If you are joining one of the four mathematics degree programmes:

  • Mathematics BSc/MMath
  • Mathematics with Statistics BSc/MMath
  • Financial Mathematics BSc
  • Mathematics with Music BSc

You should follow the guidance and instructions given for the mathematics preparation process, but note that you are not expected to study units 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 and 5.1. Your efforts should be focused on a selection of the other units.

After preparing and attempting the second set of diagnostic questions you should submit your answers for marking. You will receive a mark for the questions and your mark will be passed on to the Department of Mathematics.